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A domain hosting checker tool is an online utility that enables users to check the hosting provider of a domain name. These tools can also provide information about the IP address associated with the domain, the location of the server, and other domain-related details.

To use a domain hosting checker tool, you typically need to enter the domain name you want to check into a search box on the tool's website. The tool then retrieves information about the domain's hosting provider and other related information.

Some domain hosting checker tools also provide additional features such as DNS lookup, SSL certificate check, and WHOIS record lookup. These features can be useful for website owners, developers, and digital marketers who need to troubleshoot issues with their websites or perform research on their competitors.

It's important to note that while domain hosting checker tools can be helpful, they may not always be accurate or up-to-date. It's always a good idea to verify any information you find with multiple sources.