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A DNS (Domain Name System) records tool is a software program or online service that allows users to query and retrieve information about DNS records associated with a particular domain name. DNS records provide information about the domain name's associated IP address, mail server information, and other important information necessary for communication over the internet.

The DNS records tool typically allows users to query for different types of DNS records, such as A records (IPv4 address), AAAA records (IPv6 address), MX records (mail server information), CNAME records (aliasing of one domain name to another), and others. The tool can also perform a reverse DNS lookup, which returns the domain name associated with a given IP address.

DNS records tools are often used by webmasters, network administrators, and IT professionals to troubleshoot connectivity issues, verify DNS configuration, and ensure proper functioning of their domains and websites. Many web hosting companies and domain registrars also provide DNS records tools as part of their service offerings to help their customers manage their DNS settings.