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About Google Malware Checker

A Google malware checker is a tool that allows you to scan a website or a URL to check if it has been flagged by Google as being infected with malware or viruses. This tool can be useful for website owners and users who want to ensure that a website is safe to visit or download files from.

Google malware checker tools use Google's Safe Browsing technology, which is designed to detect and flag websites that contain malware, phishing pages, and other malicious content. When a website is flagged by Google as being unsafe, a warning message is displayed to users who attempt to visit the site.

To use a Google malware checker, simply enter the URL of the website or webpage you want to scan into the tool's input field. The tool will then scan the website and generate a report that shows if the website is safe or not. If the website is found to be unsafe, the tool will provide details about the type of malware or virus detected and recommend actions to take to fix the issue.