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What is my Browser

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About What is my Browser

A "What is my Browser" tool is an online service that allows users to check the web browser and operating system they are currently using to access the internet. It is typically used to help diagnose technical issues related to web browsing or to verify that a website is compatible with a particular browser.

The tool typically displays information about the user's browser type and version, including the browser name (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge), version number, and user agent string. The user agent string is a piece of text that contains information about the user's device and browser, such as the operating system, browser version, and other technical details.

In addition to providing basic browser information, some "What is my Browser" tools may also offer additional details such as the IP address of the user's device, screen resolution, and other technical details that can be useful for troubleshooting issues with websites or web applications.

"What is my Browser" tools are often used by website developers and webmasters to test website compatibility and ensure that their websites are accessible to a wide range of users. They are also used by support teams to diagnose and troubleshoot issues that customers may be experiencing when using their websites.